Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Open Social

I just joined the twitter-verse... yay! Only a couple years late. This post has very little to do with open source other than my sad attempt at installing tweetdeck on Ubuntu. The experience was frustrating but I will give it another chance real soon. However, the Twitter app for Android is very useful, easy to use, and it gets the job done quite well. Using the site by itself has been fine; its easier to check followers through the web than on the phone.
Twitter, after a week, has been pretty interesting. It was quick and painless to sign up and the unsettling part only comes later when you realize everything is public and no longer "for your eyes only" or even "just me and my friends." After learning some etiquette and terminology I was on my way. Take the time to shorten urls/links with online address shortening services and use abbreviations when possible. Shout-out your friends with hashtags (#) and "at" replies (i.e: @username), and don't hesitate to re-tweet cool things that you think your followers would enjoy.

For now, I will keep it simple - find & follow me directly on Twitter @bigrob029
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