Monday, July 26, 2010

Starting Fresh

I am starting this blog as a soapbox to hopefully dispense some knowledge on using Linux and open source software.

As far as my own setups I run mainly on an older Toshiba Satellite laptop, very little portability with a failing battery. I have the remains of an old gaming rig cir 2003, its an old Pentium 4 HT, 1Gb ram, with a decked out ati/msi video card. It has always been my project pc, but with a broken monitor it hasn't been tinkered with for a while. Replacing my laptop battery and the monitor are on my todo/wish list. Investing in a harddrive reader or a couple enclosure cases would probably be a good idea too since ive got about 3 small HDDs in that project pc.

To get down to business... I have all this old hardware and no disposable income to replace at them moment, what could i do?
Windows is taxing on old hardware with low or non current specs and buying new hardware was out of the question. I turned to Ubuntu as a free alternative to purchasing a new operating system that was fairly lightweight for an older laptop. I have been quite happy with Ubuntu and have been using it for about a year now... I do dual-boot with windows cuz i havent successfully gotten 100% away yet, but im working towards that. When Netflix comes to Ubuntu i will finally delete xp from this laptop.