Monday, June 10, 2013

Destiny. Sony. Bungie. Love.

So, yeah... I can't help but gush a little bit about Destiny from Bungie Studios.

I've been a fan of Bungie since Halo: Combat Evolved, I've been playing their games since Oni. Their newest title, Destiny, is set to be their newest masterpiece. It's a futuristic open-world (well, whole solar system) action shooter that relies on cooperative combat. You team up with your friends to take on the alien hordes and try to basically save the last human city on earth. There is way too much to talk about on a simple post here, so you can find me on the forums of for more in-depth speculation and commentary or follow me on twitter, @AwesomeRob029, to see me tweet about all the epicness that is Destiny.

For now you'll just have to enjoy this E3 trailer.