Monday, July 22, 2013

How To Install Linux Mint

Here's a video on how to install Linux Mint!

Unfortunately, my video of "Intro to Linux Mint 15" turned out worse than my GNOME video. Instead of sacrificing ALL of the quality, I chose to only give up some and just go with this How-To video. Hopefully it helps anyone just jumping in, or looking for a pretty simplified way of going about it. 
All told, this only took about 15 minutes to get up and running with a couple restarts and really no major hiccups. Dual-booting is simpler than ever now. My only hang up is that GRUB still looks like crap. It's ultra functional for what it does, but a nicer GUI isn't too much to ask, right? I suppose I could do it myself, but breaking builds is what I do best, and I'd like to not majorly bork this one anytime soon. 

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