Friday, March 13, 2015

Gaming: Addicted to Battlefield

Today I realized that I have purchased every Battlefield game since Bad Company 2. Good Lord.
It all started way back when... Battlefield 2 was new and I played it on a friend's killer PC (a Pentium 4 with half a gig of ram was killer for 2005). At the time it couldn't possibly have been anything with more than a gig of storage but everything about the game was epic. I remember immediately going out to pick up my own copy of BF2 and realizing that I had to do some PC upgrades to get it running. After BF2, I went on to play BF2142. Battlefield 2142's futuristic setting and different approach to the conquest mechanic easily put it at the top of my favorites list.

It had walking tanks!!

On the Xbox 360 I put tons of hours into Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, but I've never touched BF:BC1 or BF2: Modern Combat (had my fill on pc). The Bad Company series was a great spin-off from the basic Battlefield formula while still maintaining that great gameplay that was vastly different from Call of Duty at the time but still gave you that "rpg-lite" itch that kept you coming back for more. The Bad Company developers also took some time and care to create a great story that rode the line between serious and hilarious but not cliche or cheesy. Well, maybe it was just cheesy enough to be loved. I even bought all of the dlc for Bad Company 2, the Vietnam expansion was cool, but I loathe WWI, WWII, and Vietnam settings in games. It is unfortunate that EA hasn't put out another one. As far as spin-offs from the "Battlefield-norm" go, Hardline has quite the reputation to live up to. 

Battlefield 3

I have probably logged a couple hundred hours in Battlefield 3 on 360 as well. While I did not splurge on the DLC as much as I did with Bad Company 2 (I didn't buy BF3's End Game pack), I did pick up the game day one and jump in feet first. I loved every minute of it. Bad Company 2 set the bar for fully destructible environments and Battlefield 3 took it to a whole new level. Despite its accomplishments, I believe this was the game that broke everything with the introduction of "Premium." I feel like its sort of a pay-to-win proposition thinly veiled as a pay-to-shortcut cash grab. It seems like EA just lifted the monetizing models from the BF: Play4Free and BF: Heroes games and set them on top of BF 3 and 4... and now every game dev/publisher is doing it. Anyway, I picked up vanilla BF3 on PC (through a humble bundle). It looks incredible even with a modest video card, but the controller support is kinda wonky. 

Battlefield 4 was also a day one purchase for me on 360. I went all in on it and it was pretty broken. I ended up not playing a whole ton of it due to the brokenness and lack of timely updates to the 360 version. Honestly, its great but I ended up putting more time in to BF3 on PC.

Now its time for another iteration on the series, Battlefield: Hardline. This spin-off explores "cops and robbers" gameplay that is set in the style of a cop-drama tv series. It is a bit of an offshoot, but I look forward to some welcome and long overdue changes and I hope Visceral can breathe some new life into the franchise.