Saturday, October 16, 2010

So far so good...

Its been about a week since I've put Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat on my laptop. So far so good. I have not run into any serious problems, but I have had minor issues with the updating system. It seems that it has since worked itself out, but I was having some weird problem downloading packages from a repository. It seems to have been something that was not a problem I caused since it ironed itself before I posted this. My only other issue has been that my power button goes wonky, but it seems that it was part of the problem that has worked itself out. It wasn't the actual hardware button on my laptop- I just mean the power icon in the corner of the screen... The section where i can look at the calendar and the sound options and such were blending together over the power icon and i couldn't click on it or anything like that. My small project at the moment now is trying to get my computer to play nice with my systems at work (secured Windows servers) so I can work from home if I have to. Citrix is being a bit of a pain. Earlier in the year I managed to get everything to work in Karmic but I did not bother to document the process I went to to get it to a working state. Other than those minor issues... things have been going very well with this distribution.
In other news, I sat in on a panel to discuss video game culture. If you have an interest in Linux as well as video games check out the website at The podcast returns every week to discuss video game news, interesting technology, and life in general. I went on to talk up Ubuntu a bit as well. There were some technical issues dealing with microphones and quality and such but Audacity and Skype did pretty well on Ubuntu during crunch time. My wife is still enjoying Linux Mint 9 on her Dell Mini 10, so far no real issues or achievements to write about this time around. I am still kicking around the ideas for my android app and i know that time is of the essence, so once i get the android app inventor back up and running in this machine ill be able to get back to working on it.
Thats it for this post, but I do want to pimp some links for your amusement.

Here I am on the gameenthus podcast.

Check out Anjibee, this week full of free tracks... support those artists.