Sunday, August 5, 2012

A terrible blogger.

My most humble apologies go out to my most dedicated of readers. (And to people who just happen to stumble upon this.) I am a terrible blogger. The number one rule of blogging is stay regular. (It should obviously be "Don't talk about blogging club", but its not.)  I promised that I would blog more and I have, but I feel as if I haven't kept up as good as I should or could be, and for that I apologize.  I do have my hands in many digital pots, but I feel like I have been neglecting own personal web space.

So, I will list all of the fun places you can find me at in addition to my rants as the OpenSourceNoob.
Self promotion will always make you feel better.

Obviously, here. The OpenSourceNoob
I type about tech stuff I do that is generally Linux based, geeky, and slightly interesting. I just installed the Alpha build of Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal- I should probably post screenshots and thoughts and stuff about that in lieu of this self promo business.... but I digress.

Also, here.
BigRob029 plays the part of wildman/4th wheel on the weekly action packed audio drama. Each episode is brimming with suspense as Ind1fference, Tiny415, and Assaultsuit try to steer an out of control cart of video games to safety. Special guests appear each week to play a part in each exciting episode. Video Games!!
Join the GameEnthus steam community.... here.

And here! Enthuslife!
It's awesome. If you look up awesome in the dictionary, EnthusLife is there. Hidden within the Mayan temples, EnthusLife is there. Advanced beyond normal internet means, reduced down to be compatible for your internet... the EnthusLife Podcast is there. And its awesome.
EnthusLife is awesome by nature, but its awesomeness is enhanced by its hosts CarbonShadow004, Sophisticates_4, MajorLinux and DJAwesomeRob.

And by proxy, here... Geeks Gone Raw!

Sometimes here.
I like to pretend that I am a foodie that was sentenced to a life where the only food available was cereal.   Breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper, dinner, late night snack.... all cereal. Its a good thing I love cereal. Thus the #CerealNerd was born. Posting as a guest on the popular beverage and snack site,, the #CerealNerd reviews random cereal. No rhyme or reason, rarely a theme, just cereal. Whatever is around, whenever the urge strikes. Visit bevnerd, check out the vids, and follow #CerealNerd.

Saving the best for last... EnthusReviews!
Random news and awesome product reviews, can be found on EnthusReviews. Basically, MajorLinux and BigRob029 teamed up to wrassle the internet jargon and pulverize it down into a more manageable format for readers everywhere to enjoy.
As an added bonus you can even read it on the go! The EnthusReviews Digital Magazine contains all the epicness of the EnthusNation, Geeks Gone Raw Collective, and the Geek Asylum Assemblage blended into one awesome mobile package by the powers of Google. Click here and let your touch screen guide you to internet bliss.

(Please help EnthusReviews get on the front page of Google Currents by subscribing!!)

So yeah, thats about all I got.


Normally, this is the section where I run down the list of recent notables in the community and list some hot websites, but you can simply scroll up to see all the digital hotness.
Enjoy all your new-found twitter friends and website bookmarks! Happy Browsing!