Friday, February 22, 2013

Musical Podcast Inception

I know the term podcast inception has been tossed around within the Enthus Nation circles at lot so I thought to myself... what if I could make it a reality?

I have no business running my own podcast- my voice is terrible, often times I don't make any sense, and a lot of my pet projects tend to fall to the wayside due to boredom. However, I thought that it might be fun to actually start my podcast within a podcast idea. I already make epic promos for the Enthus crew, I might as well flex creatively and musically, right?

Here is Episode 0 of podcast inception. Of course, I need some generous podcasters to insert this level 1 podcast dream into their own podcasting dream episode for this idea to reach its full potential... I figure my musical taste isn't that bad, someone is bound to use it.

Yeah, this post/project isn't really open source-y, but I did use Audacity to create this masterpiece.

Enjoy the music:
Selection- 32 More (Ft. EENJ)
Album- Dig Deep by Just Plain Ant