Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 and Doing Stuff

Hey! Its Me! BigRob029, aka AwesomeRob029, DJ Awesome Rob, and sometimes The OpenSourceNoob. Its 2015, and I'd like to get back into writing stuff all over the internet.

Writing is a little thing I do from time to time and I know I am pretty bad at it, but I do enjoy it. I spent most of 2014 trying to do more video related things such as game streaming, tech unboxing videos, and hosting on The Digikast's Beyond The Mic show. For 2015 I would like to get back to adding to my blog on a semi-regular basis. My awesome writing may never set the world on fire but it will at least be something to do to stop the monotony of playing Destiny every free moment I get.

So, lets just say The OpenSourceNoob "umbrella" is still Open Source focused but is open to all forms of technology be it hardware, software, free as in beer, paid, paid to play, free to play, microtransacted, musical or otherwise.'ll be like using a mac for free.

As far as current tech that is cool and new to me - I am still trying to understand and break in my 7" Winbook (TW-700) from Microcenter; my GTX 750Ti is very interesting (read: not great) to stream with after all of these Nvidia updates; and I haven't installed a new OS in a little while. Windows 10 preview is pretty sweet a couple months ago (I have to reinstall that and check out Cortana), might have to test out Elementary OS, and I would also like to try getting SteamOS to work someday.

Anyway... bookmark this page and subscribe to my youtube page for all the awesome stuff that is yet to come.