Monday, March 11, 2013

Podcast Inception: Nature

Dig a little deeper and don't hide the gems, its time for some new school Jazz and Funk on this episode of Podcast Inception.

I have a deep appreciation for the music I track and hunt down, download and unzip, and sprinkle into my daily music listening rotation. Unfortunately, some of the music falls through the cracks. My spotlight today is from an album I found on the Free Music Archive about a month or so ago; I just noticed that I never unzipped this album from my downloads folder. I had downloaded a couple other albums but this one just got caught up in the mix.

So, my apologies go out there to Nature, because this album has some great funk, jazz riffs, and vocals on there that I am just now getting to enjoy. Wish I had remembered this one when I got it because it definitely would've got burned to some CD's and shared to a few friends.

I wonder if I'm the only one burning CDs? I don't have a fancy head unit in my car yet, so I'm forced to continue using discs. I'll listen to the rock jocks on my morning commute but that's about the only thing that terrestrial radio offers me. I used to run through a stack of 25-100 CDs in a few months, I have toned down a bit but I still regularly burn new stuff and insert it into my driving music rotation. Don't get me wrong, my Zune (with its car kit) still gets some play these days as well.

Anyway... my eclectic musical taste dictates some jazz funk for this episode. Enjoy.
Selection: Hard Times Killing Floor Blues
Album: Forget the Theory
BGM: Mic Check