Sunday, March 10, 2013

Podcast Inception: The Why

I didn't want anyone to be confused as to why I'm doing this on my page. Also, I wanted to make sure that in case I forget my theme I do have a reference to go to. Yeah, I get distracted easily.... ooh! a butterfly!!

I used to do Music Mondays on twitter to spotlight independent artists and their various musical projects. and I use this page for my random (and sparse) techie projects. I figured since new and hot independent music artists are using the internet to get their names out there, I might as well brand it as a tech movement. And, as such, it has a place on my page. A lot of the music I find is placed on the web using the same mindset as the Linux software: download for free (or close to it), kick in a couple bucks to the artists/devs if you love it, and share it to your friends and spread the goodness. Though its not technically "open source" I think it kinda fits. so yeah.... thus, music. Here.

With any luck some savvy podcasters out there will find these music interludes and insert them into their podcasts and the everyone will enjoy some new music. Yay!

well played Grumpy Cat.... 

Also, I think I will try to bring Music Mondays back (but like I said, I get distracted easily). Follow me on twitter and hopefully you'll find more music there soon.

I do also try to abide by the creative commons licensing agreements of the artists and/or only share stuff that they deem "podsafe." So, if you have music that qualifies and you would like me to make an episode please feel free to hit me up on twitter and Google+.

Here's a recap of my "Episode Zero":