Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gamenight with the Guardians of Destiny Community

Got some gaming in with the community from the Guardians of Destiny podcast. Went with Halo 4 and good times were had by all. Enjoy.

Watch live video from i3elmonts on TwitchTV

The Guardians of Destiny bring us the best commentary and speculation on all Traveler news this side of the galaxy. When Bungie's future smash hit, Destiny, hits store shelves we can be sure that The Guardians community will be leading the way. Did I mention they have a sweet digital magazine too? Definitely check that out.

Special shout outs to i3elmonts for streaming/recording the gamenight and making this video possible. If you want to see more of his beautiful work check out his twitch channel as well. If you'd like to participate you can find him on Thursday nights as he hosts the Thursday Night Throwdowns on Grab a controller, pull up a chair, and get ready for some matchmaking goodness!