Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gaming Bundles

I picked up Indie Royale's Lunar bundle and Indie Gala's Mobile 3 bundles over the weekend. Hopefully I can get a couple videos out of it.

The Indie Royale Lunar Bundle is a set of 7 indie PC games including- Pid, Cargo Commander, Back to the Future: The Game, Dungeon Hearts, The Sea Will Claim Everything, International Snooker, and Micron.

The Indie Royale bundles are sold as a set of games with a name your price premise, similar to the Humble Bundle. Indie Royale sets a minimum price for purchase of the bundles and the price goes down as more people pay above the minimum. You also have the option to pay more to get the game soundtracks as well. The games are primarily for PC, some include Steam/Desura codes as a DRM measure and others are also compatible with Linux and Mac.

The Indie Gala Mobile 3 bundle is a set of mobile games for Android phones and tablets. They offer an 8 game bundle for 2 weeks. They have a set of 3 bonus games for those that pay above the average that unlock in the second week for a total of 11 games. Included in the bundle are Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack, Bag It!, Slender Man! Chapter 1, and Chimpact just to name a few. For this particular bundle, its mostly Android based, but the more common Indie Gala bundles follow the same PC/Mac/Linux/Steam/Desura compatibility & DRM models.

These indie game bundle packages are a great way to amass a collection of great games for a great price, as well as a great opportunity for really good, but overlooked titles and developers to garner some recognition. (Not to mention, a portion of the funds going to charity.) With any luck I will be able to snag some videos and reviews of some of these games in the near future. Keep it tuned right here for more to come.