Sunday, April 21, 2013

8Tracks: A user-generated streaming alternative

In search of a playlist sharing service that caters to my needs as an indie music fan, I've stumbled across 8Tracks. It's definitely a website/app that you should check out.

This isn't a new website or app, so it appears that I am way behind on this gem. 8Tracks allows you to stream music based on your preference of artist or genre. The twist is that not only can you make playlists, stream them on the go, and share them with your countless friends over the internet, you can also create your own playlists with your own music as well. This feature makes it great for DJs (or wanna-be DJs, such as myself) to broadcast their own custom playlists. As the name implies, playlists must be a minimum of 8 tracks, but other than that it lets you upload what you want, for all to play whenever.

This is basically what my playlist looks like... in photo form.
As playlist creation and sharing is the key to the site and app's functionality, the beauty of it all lies in music discovery. Maybe its my affinity for music that is way off of the beaten path, but I have found this to be a great way to discover new sounds, new artists, and new DJs.

You can upload your playlists and share them on all of the popular social sharing sites. They also provide you with the nifty html code so you can embed playlists on your blog or various webpages; formats include HTML 5, Flash, and Wordpress optimized code.

The 8tracks app is available on Android, iOS, Windows 8, and Blackberry. The website is also optimized for tablets and mobile devices. Follow me - BigRob029, enjoy my mixes and have fun finding new and different music.